Available in Capsule and Liquid Form

Daily Capsules

All natural, no sweetener, organic potent black vinegar capsules that support your immune defense, lowers cholesterol, increase blood circulation. Packed with all the amino acids for workouts and stamina activities.

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Wellness Set

Combine the powerful liquid form AND daily capsules to have the maximum impact on your health and well being.

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Liquid Form

Cleanses digestive system and Increases blood circulation.Prevents muscle cramps  and 43 times more citric acid than other vinegar's including apple cider vinegar.

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I was introduced to Mana-Su a couple of years ago.   My mother, (83 yrs young) suffers from arthritis and she saw significant improvement in her overall mobility and balance right away.  I also noticed when I drink Mana-Su, I sleep better and wake up refreshed in the morning. 

Thank you for keeping us healthy and energetic!

June Fernandez ~ Alliance Personnel Inc.

I am a stage 4 breast cancer patient who started Mana-Su at the beginning of COVID, approx. April 2020. Since taking Mana-Su, I don’t feel so tired, my appetite has changed, and I don’t have that bloated feeling after I eat. I have a “clean” feeling in my body, and my blood counts have been good. 

I have recommended and sent gifts of Mana-Su to many friends and family since I have had, and continue to have such a great experience with this product.

I hope that you too will have positive results and better health with Mana-Su. 

Lorrie Kawamoto

I am a construction worker going double time during spring and summer to earn as much income before winter.  I also train in martial arts so my body takes a toll. 

I used to carry around pickle juice and mustard for leg cramps.  A friend told me about Mana-Su and its healthy vinegar properties. 

I've been taking both the liquid and capsules twice daily since May and no leg cramps since. 

Vince Santangelo

MANA-SU - Randy Kuba

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