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Become a healthier you.

A Fermented Lifestyle

We pour our heart and soul in making potent quality vinegars and nutritious mocktails that are not only healthy – but also tasty and packed full of flavors. Say good-bye to the days of boring health drinks!

Daily Health

Stay hydrated and healthy. Mana-Su products include beneficial nutrients and fermented rich probiotics.

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Recycled Packaging

We love Mother Earth. All of our production and shipping is environmentally friendly.

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Nourishment through Fermentaton

Fermented liquid foods are the most nutritious way to cleansing your digestive system. We want to focus on providing healthy choices to all, at the best quality with the most affordable prices.

Natural, Organic & Powerful

All natural, no sweetener, organic potent black vinegar capsules that support your immune defense, lowers cholesterol, increase blood circulation. Packed with all the amino acids for workouts and stamina activities.

Duplicating the Lifestyles of the Centeniarians

We source local ingredients for our drinks, capsules, and tablets. Additionally, our products do not need refrigeration until opened, so they can live a long time on your shelf with a one year expiration date. Our product packaging and shipping materials are 100% recyclable. 

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