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Mana-Su & Bitter Melon Combo Special

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Duplicate what the Okinawan centennial's do daily, consume bitter melon at least twice a day.  Okinawans call bitter melon "Goya." Goya is the staple vegetable to keep blood sugar in check, improve circulation, and overall health.  Goya is picked fresh from the backyard gardens in every Okinawan village household.  The key to attain the most potency from the Goya is to pick it at the peak of the riping process.  Pick the goya too young and the nutrients are not develped.  Pick it too late and the nutrients are depleted.  It is an art and science to pick vegetables at the peak of the riping process!  

With the magic of modern technology, Okinawa has found a way to attain the most nutrients into a concentrated tablet.  Because we swayed away from backyard gardening, the most convenient source is through modern science.

Air freighted fresh from Okinawa to keep its potency.  Best practice is to take 12 tablets daily, 4 after each meal.  Combine this with the concentrated fermented vinegar of Mana-Su capsules, you are duplicating one of the daily habits of the centennials. 

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