Our Story

“An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”

About Randy

Born and raised in Hawaii, Randy visited Okinawa to learn about his heritage. He spent time in the city and at the many tourist sights. While doing the tourist routine, he was told by a friend that if he really wanted to learn about the Okinawan culture, he would have to leave the city and visit some of the villages in the countryside.

Understanding the value of this advice, Randy decided to visit a village with some familial connection. There, Randy discovered some incredible human beings where their lifestyle habits were influenced by their culture. These daily habits, put into practice, is what made them healthy and happy. By conveying these simple Eastern habits to you in the West, you can have the best of both worlds in your wellness lifestyle.

From Randy’s experience with the Okinawan villagers, it made him a firm believer in the benefits of making healthy mindful choices each day, and he is enthusiastic to share what he learned with you. Through a series of casual and chance encounters, together with a few likeminded people that were able to think “outside the box,” people began to share Randy’s passion. Thus, Mana-Su was born.

Mana means a “vital life force” in Hawaiian, and Su is the Japanese word for vinegar. The Mana-Su Ohana (family) is growing rapidly with all cultures and professions. Thank you for taking the initiative to empower yourself to elevate your wellness. By investing in your health, it will deposit power back into your hands, and this will inspire more progressive change for the better in your immediate Ohana (family). Without good health, we cannot accomplish our career goals, take care of our families, or complete our life mission. Mana-Su invites you to join us in this journey to live life to its fullest just like the healthiest and longest living people in the world.

What is Mana-Su?

During the 13th century, known as the Golden Years of Trade in Okinawa, vinegar was highly treasured, particularly black vinegar, believed to enhance health and longevity. Today, in the remote villages of Okinawa, four times more people live to be over a 100 than all of Japan.

The drinking of black vinegar, a by-product of Awamori, a distilled beverage, is thought to be a contributing factor along with other daily lifestyle habits. For centuries, the benefits of fermented black vinegar were known only to the makers of Awamori and Karate practitioners, in due time, word of its rejuvenating assets spread throughout the Eastern hemisphere.

Studies have shown that black vinegar is said to strengthen the immune system, promote proper digestion, increase fat metabolism, reduce fatigue and muscle tension, enhance resistance to disease and infection, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and reduce blood sugar levels. Vinegar is also rich in citric and amino acids, B vitamins, and essential minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. It claims to have anti-aging qualities to give your skin a youthful glow. The vital ingredient in Mana-Su is citric acid, 43 times more citric acid than any vinegar. The effectiveness of citric acid turns bodily fluids into alkaline, which in turn protects and defends our cells, organs, and vital systems in our body.

Mana is the Hawaiian word for a “vital life force,” and Su is the Japanese word for “vinegar.” By collaborating the natural medicinal resources of both Hawaii and Okinawa into a healthy tonic, a powerful booster is crafted to support your family’s wellness lifestyle.

Health is Happiness!