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Become a healthier you.

The Mana Lifestyle

It’s all about Lifestyle! 

By duplicating the daily habits of the healthiest and longest living human beings in the civilized world, you can be just like them . . . living your life to the fullest!  Without good health, you limit yourself to excel at your passions.  Your loved ones depend on you to be the “rock” of your family. Unfortunately, the tendency in all of us is to take our health for granted until something drastic occurs.  In the remote villages of Okinawa, the elders relentlessly remind themselves to focus on their health so those they love don’t have the burden of caring for them during their golden years.  We invite you to connect with us and learn more to live more.  

Explore what centenarians in Okinawa do daily via the ideas below:

  • Cultivate your backyard Goya garden - Click Here
  • Home cooked meals are the best - Click Here
  • Walk, walk, everywhere - Click Here
  • Vegetables and more vegetables every meal - Click Here
  • An abundance of natural fermented foods - Click Here
  • Hara Hachi Bu - Click Here
  • Water and more water in-between meals - Click Here
  • Spend time with those you care about - Click Here
  • Laugh, sing, and dance with your Moai - Click Here
  • Me time is important too - Click Here
  • Pray, meditate, or reflect - Click Here
  • Sip your awamori or wine in balance and moderation
  • Live your IKIGAI, your purpose in life - Click Here

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